Politicians have the power to change things – that’s why NYAS often work to influence decision-makers on a local, regional and national basis surrounding key issues that affect children and young people in care.

As a national rights based children’s charity, we will never stop in our efforts to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard by key decision-makers in government and the justice system.

What can my MP do about the issues that concern me?

It’s your MP’s job to make your voice heard in Parliament whether you voted for them or not. They represent their local area and can raise concerns of local people.

They can:
• vote on issues in Parliament
• write to the Government Minister responsible for the issue or make an appointment to see them
• ask questions in Parliament (‘Parliamentary Questions’ or PQs) about issues you raise
• ask for a debate in Parliament. A relevant Minister will always attend this debate to respond to your MP on behalf of the government

NYAS sends letters, research and policy reports to MPs, but they’re unlikely to pay any attention if they think an issue doesn’t affect their area. When you talk about issues affecting local children and young people with your MP, you’re adding your voice to our national campaign demanding change.

Why not write to a government Minister?

It makes the most sense for you to write to your MP as they are your elected representative. However, NYAS policy and research team will often also write directly to a Minister, because they make the final decisions on issues.

You can ask your MP to write to a Minister on your behalf. This can have more impact than writing to them directly as your MP speaks on behalf of tens of thousands of constituents.

How do I contact my MP?

MPs usually have an office in their constituency (your local area), and in Parliament. You can contact them at either office by telephone, letter or email.

You can find your MP’s email address here.

During this time, we would recommend that you write or email your MP.  Download our letter writing tips here

If we haven’t answered your question about writing to your MP, please email lucy.croxton@nyas.net and we’ll do our best to help.