Children & Vulnerable Adults Services

NYAS provides a range of rights based services for children, young people and vulnerable adults. We made the decision to extend our services to include vulnerable adults because we recognised that some of the challenges facing children and young people do not disappear when they become adults.


NYAS has a strong history in the provision of advocacy. We played a key role in the delivery of the National Advocacy Standards 2002 and initiated advocacy for young people with the Youth Justice Board for young people secure settings. We are an accredited training centre with both the open College Network and City and Guilds to provide specialist qualifications for advocating for children and adults. Amongst our specialisms are advocacy for children and adults with disabilities and mental health advocacy including IMHA’s (Independent Mental Health Advocates)

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Issue Based Advocacy

Our skilled and qualified advocates help children, young people and vulnerable adults with the difficulties they face to resolve the issues concerning them. This is one to one work by someone who is independent of other professionals. NYAS advocates will ensure that the child’s, the young person’s or the vulnerable adult’s voice is heard and listened to, particularly in decisions which are made about them.

Residential Visiting Advocacy

NYAS advocates will visit children’s homes (including secure homes) and inpatient settings on a regular basis to provide a rights based service and will act upon issues the children or young people may face both an a group and an individual basis.

Mental Health Advocacy

This is one of our specialist areas. We have a growing number of advocacy services within inpatient settings including forensic settings. This is often a combination of issue based advocacy, residential visiting advocacy and IMHA’s (Independent Mental Health Advocate) for those patients who are detained in hospital.

Rights based/Non-instructed Advocacy

Where children young people or vulnerable adults are disabled we may adopt a ‘rights based’ approach to advocacy which ensures that their basic rights are protected and their dignity upheld. We have significant expertise in advocating for disabled children and adults. We are committed to the social model of disability.

Advocacy for Carers

We know that caring for an adult or a disabled child is often very isolating and challenging. We provide advocacy for carers to help them access services to which they are entitled.

Independent Visitors

NYAS provides volunteers Independent Visitors for children in care across England and Wales, helping them to benefit from a positive role model.

Independent Persons

We are able to provide Independent Persons for the purposes of secure reviews and for the purposes of local authority complaints. We can also provide Investigating Officers for complaints.

Regulation 44 (formerly Reg 33) Visitors
We provide Regulation 44 visitors for children’s homes.

All of our services are carried out by workers and volunteers who have been safely recruited and successfully completed our accredited training. Our work is underpinned by up to date legal knowledge and support from our Legal Services.

If you are an individual and want to know how we can help you can email us at or call us on 0808 808 1001.

For all other enquiries please email us at