How Do NYAS Contact Centres Support Families?

NYAS has a team of professional, highly skilled and experienced contact facilitators. These professionals work individually with each family to develop a rewarding contact experience. They are also able to guide parents through the process of contact with their child/children to help them rebuild positive relationships and attachments.

NYAS is a member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) and we have been awarded enhanced accreditation.

What is the Purpose of a Family Contact Centre?

NYAS’ family contact centres facilitate contact sessions for parents and relatives who are separated from their children, with the aim of rebuilding their relationship as a family.

The main aim of a family contact service is to secure long term positive outcomes for children. One of the main aims of children’s contact centres is for young people to establish and maintain contact with the parents they no longer live with. 

Family contact centres also offer support to other family members, such as grandparents and siblings. This allows these family members to keep in touch with a relative in care within a safe environment.

What Services Are Available at a Family Contact Centre?

Contact centres provide a range of support options, and our contact facilitators can provide guidance on the service that may be best for you. 

  • Indirect Contact: Indirect contact involves the parent/carer who does not live with the child sending written communication, photos and/or pictures via email to NYAS Contact Services.
  • Life Story Work: Life story work involves supporting children to understand their life circumstances, including who they are and where they come from.
  • Creative Contact:  Creative Contact  involves virtual contact sessions using online platforms such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Centre-based Contact Sessions: This service involves supervised contact sessions in our contact centres in Wirral and Liverpool.
  • Community Contact:  Community Contact involves face to face contact sessions supervised by NYAS Contact Facilitators. These sessions take place in public, outside of the contact centre. NYAS can provide Community Contact sessions across Merseyside.
  • Handovers: Handovers are a supervised face to face service which take place in the community. These involve the contact facilitator supporting a family by safely transferring a child or children between parents or carers.

Each service will have different costs associated with them. You can explore the different costs for these services below.

Who Can Make a Family Contact Centre Referral?

Referrals can come from parents directly, or from other organisations such as local authorities and solicitors.

NYAS also accepts referrals from  CAFCASS, which stands for the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

If you would like to make a referral to use NYAS Contact Services, please download and complete the referral form here,

Please complete the relevant form and send it to This needs to be accompanied by a £50 administration fee - please email or phone 0151 649 8700 to arrange this payment.

The administration fee covers the cost of separate set up meetings with both parents and any child preparation sessions that may be necessary before contact sessions may commence.

Still Have Questions?

If you have further questions about our family contact services, or any of NYAS' other support options, please get in touch.

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