The Helpline provides a free single point of access to all NYAS services.

Our advisers are here to support children, young people, and vulnerable adults, across England and Wales, to ensure their rights are up held.

We welcome enquiries from representatives of children, young people, and vulnerable adult such as professionals, practitioners, family or friends too.

The Helpline is open 9 am until 8 pm Monday to Friday 10 am until 4 pm Saturdays excluding Bank Holidays. You can contact us via the:

  • Freephone helpline – 0808 808 1001 – please note that some mobile networks may charge the same as a landline charge to connect to 0808 numbers.
  • Chatroom – chat with one of our advisers see chat area – the real time online one-on-one chat facility is secure, and confidential.
  • In writing – write ‘FREEPOST NYAS’ on the envelope that contains your letter to us.
  • Call Back – we will call you click here

One of our advisers will respond to your enquiry and agree with you how NYAS can help you.

Our experience and knowledge gained through supporting many thousands of children, young people and vulnerable adults since 1989 will enable the Helpline adviser to respond sensitively and professionally to your enquiry and find the right NYAS service for you.

Our adviser may not always be able to answer your questions immediately and may need to call or email you at a later date with a more detailed response. Whenever this is the case, the adviser will always explain what they will need to do to find an answer to your question or problem and when you can expect them to get back in touch with you.

To make sure you are safe we regularly check our advisers against the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) and they are all trained to assess need and risk. The Helpline is always confidential as long as the person contacting us is safe!  if an adviser believes that a you or someone else may be at risk, he or she is legally required to tell report this.

NYAS Helpline Statement of Service, please click here for your full copy.

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Helpline Freephone Range

“Calls to this helpline are free from landlines and mobile phones within the UK and do not appear on itemised bills”

Children in care and care leavers should have access to advocacy advice help lines so that they can receive advice and support when they need it by qualified and experienced advocates.You should have access to advocacy advice help lines so that you can receive independent advice and supportAdvocacy services are central to the voice of the child agenda and recent surveys and reports have indicated that young people are not aware of the entitlement to this provision and that some local authorities are not commissioning this service for their children. We want you to be aware of the benefits of advocacy and how you can access it when you need it.I am delighted to announce that the Government will, from April 2013, support the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) to provide an advocacy advice service for looked after children and care leavers. The services will include:



  • Information and advice via telephone enabling young people to access and obtain advice when they want it.
  • The allocation of an independent advocate to support and represent young people when they want it.

Young people can contact NYAS on 0808 808 1001.

Edward Timpson MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families


NYAS Helpline was evaluated for its effectiveness and impact…

Summary findings show that:

  • The NYAS helpline is well respected and highly spoken of by respondent callers.
  • The advice, professional manner and knowledge of the helpline advisors is appreciated.
  • The positive outcome for young people is evident throughout the evaluation.
  • The impact on the lives of young people who are exploring their legal rights in family issues, housing issues and their right to have their voices heard through an advocate are supported not only through the call to the NYAS helpline, but often the support received enhances young people’s knowledge and confidence.  In addition, the level of support offered can exceed their expectations.

The impact of the helpline on the needs of young people who require support in understanding, accessing and exploring their legal rights is evident.

The knowledge base of advisors is ever growing with each new issue handled, and all advisors appreciate all opportunities to further their knowledge via training and opportunities to enhance the service they offer.

This evaluation shows the benefits through caller satisfaction with multifaceted issues.  It also reflects the dedication, knowledge and commitment of advisors and other staff that NYAS offers young people to have their voices heard and their legal rights met.

Service user perspectives:

“I now have somebody working on our behalf thanks to NYAS.  We have an advocate.  They rang the person they’d put me through to but they were on a call so they said the person would call me back in about half an hour to an hour.  Then it was just 10 minutes, I didn’t have to wait at all.”

“…I was upset they talked to me calmly and listened.  It was a difficult situation but they told me what could be done and kept asking me ‘if it’s alright with you we will contact …….’  They let me know there was choice and were calm.  Told me not to worry.”

“…I’ve called them before on something.  Good support and so much advice.  Opened up information for me that I didn’t know about.  Gave me a lot of help and places to go to.”

NYAS evaluation 2012 – Author:  Dr S, Bishop