Independent Regulation 44 visits

NYAS provides independent high quality regulation 44 visits (formerly Regulation 33) and has fully trained Independent Persons across England and Wales. We currently deliver Regulation 44 visits to over 140 children’s homes in England.

Telephone Michelle Vaughan on 0151 649 8700 or email for more information.

‘We were very pleased with the Reg 33 visitors input and his intention to help the home ……… He didn’t come in with the attitude of needing to find things wrong,which I found really refreshing and helpful. A good experience all round.’
- Independent Children’s Home Manager

'Since working with NYAS we as a service feel more confident in our practice and overall service delivery. Having the independent and robust challenge of what the service provides and monthly monitoring / audit of practice is very reassuring particularly during an Ofsted inspection'
- Local Authority Children’s Home Provider