Independent Return Interviews

In line with ‘Statutory guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care’ (January 2014), NYAS is in a unique position to provide both fully trained Independent Return Interviewers and Advocates to meet with children and young people within 72 hours of their return.

Telephone Michelle Vaughan on 0151 649 8700 or email for information on our services and prices.

A young person was referred to NYAS for a return interview after going missing.  After the interview, the young person thanked NYAS for visiting them.  When asked on a scale of 1 to 5 how they felt before the visit, she stated, “2 – I didn't really know who or what it was about.”  When asked how they felt now, she said, “Oh a 4 or 5.  Thank you for seeing me.”

‘Thank you for meeting me here and not at my foster carers because I can talk here, I wouldn’t say anything there if we met there’ Young Person, Isle of Wight