Legal Services

NYAS has a specialist legal service able to undertake casework on behalf of children and young people. Our team of specially trained lawyers are able to provide advice and assistance on a broad range of family legal issues or be able to assist you in finding a lawyer who can help you.

  • Maybe your parents have split up and they are fighting about who you should live with or how often you should see the parent you don’t live with.
  • Perhaps you are in care and you don’t feel that your social worker is listening to you or you are not happy in your children’s home or foster placement.
  • Sometimes you may not be happy with the Local Authority looking after you and you may need help making sure your views are heard and you get the services you are entitled to.
  • Do you have brothers and sisters that you don’t get to see, but you would like to see them?
  • Perhaps you are about to leave care but no proper plans have been made for where you will live or how you will be supported after you leave care.
  • Is the Local Authority threatening to take your unborn or young child away from you?
  • Are you caring for a family member who is not your child because their parents are unable to care for them?

Helpful Organisations

Grandparents Plus
Advice line: 0300 123 7015

Grandparents Plus is the national charity which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives – especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances.