Family Contact Services

is proud to be a member of the
National Association of Child Contact Centres

The Family Contact Service

The NYAS Family Contact Service offers support to parents (and other family members such as grandparents and siblings) to keep in touch and meet up with their child/children in a safe environment.  The contact sessions we support are focused on the needs of children and what is in their best interests.  We have fully trained and experienced support staff who are able to guide you through and support contact with your child/children within the Family Contact Room and sometimes out in the community.  All support staff attached to the contact service are impartial and work to a strict confidentiality policy.

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The Family Contact Room

The NYAS Family Contact Service has a specially designed contact room available to parents/relatives to have contact time with their child/children.  The room is warm and welcoming and gives you time to relax and enjoy time with your child/children. We have a selection of games, books and toys available for your use in the Family Contact Room, and you are welcome to bring some of your own toys and special things. We can provide coffee, tea and juice.

To assist NYAS in gaining contact with your child/children we need you to complete a referral form.  There are two referral forms available:-  If you are making the referral yourself please complete the self-referral form (attachment link at bottom of the page).  There are charges made for self-referrals, which are listed in the Child Contact Centre Charges attachment below.  If a professional (such as social worker, solicitor, family mediator or Cafcass officer) is making the referral  completion of the professional referral form is required, together with copies of relevant reports/court orders.  If you have any queries or wish to submit a referral form then you can email .  Alternatively, if you wish to discuss prior to completing a referral please contact our Head Office on 0151-649 8700.

Once we have received all the necessary information we will confirm whether we can assist you and arrange for our contact supervisor to get in touch with you in order to discuss dates and times suitable for all parties to set up the contact.

We recommend that you and your child/children come along and see the Family Contact Room before your first contact session as this will help your child/children have reduced anxiety prior to their first arranged contact.  We ask you to respect that setting up contact sessions can be a timely process and if you have arranged a time and then cannot make it please let us know as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to see my ex-partner when I come to the Family Contact Room?

No. We can help with the handover of your child/children so that you do not need to meet you ex-partner.  Parents are responsible for their children when visiting the Family Contact Room so you will have to stay until your ex-partner arrives.

Can I bring my new partner?

Contact time is about looking at the children’s needs and making the experience special for them with their parents so we ask that new partners do not attend.

It is important that the contact time in the Family Contact Room is a happy experience for the children, so please ensure there are no disagreements.

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