Striking out into the world on your own for the first time is exciting and daunting for all of us. The opportunity to carve your own path and the newfound independence is a huge draw. On the other hand, learning to budget to keep on top of the bills, remembering to put a wash on in time so that you have clean clothes for work on Monday morning, and managing to keep the fridge stocked, let alone keeping yourself healthy – it’s a huge learning curve for any young person.

It’s even more difficult for those without supportive families to fall back on, or for those who can’t stay at home for other reasons. Those who have grown up, or spent time, in care don’t always have the luxury of a family home to return to if something goes wrong, or a parent to phone when they aren’t sure how to fix a problem.

Practical support to develop life skills will significantly ease the transition for care leavers. In particular, teaching about budgeting will make it easier for young people when they need to start managing their own money.

In this video, produced by Barnardo’s, Cass and Kyle met money expert Iona Bain from The Young Money blog to find out more about budgeting.

If you are a care leaver in need of support call our free phone helpline 0808 808 1001 and ask about our SidebySide care leaver programme and advocacy support.