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NYAS recognises that every child has the right to keep in regular contact with both parents if this is in their best interests. Through its network of Family Contact Centres, the charity has continually sought to work with families and uphold the rights of the child by providing a safe and supportive environment for contact to take place.


Did You Know..?

NYAS provides Family Contact Centres in Birkenhead and Liverpool to allow parents who are separated from their children to rebuild their relationship as a family.

The main aim of the contact service is to gain long term positive outcomes for children, establishing and maintaining contact with the parent they no longer live with. The service also offers support to other family members such as grandparents and siblings, enabling them to keep in touch and meet up with a child in a safe environment.

NYAS has a professional, highly skilled and experienced team of contact facilitators who each work individually with a family to support a rewarding contact experience and guide parents through the process of contact with their child/children within the NYAS Contact facilities.

Referrals come from private individuals and a range of organisations such as local authorities, CAFCASS and solicitors.

How To Make A Referral

If you would like to make a referral to use NYAS Contact Services, please download the referral form, complete it and send it to contact.centre@nyas.net, along with the £50 administration fee.

The administration fee covers the cost of separate set up meetings with both parents and any child preparation sessions that may be necessary before contact sessions may commence.

There is a 4-6 week time frame to allocate each new referral to one of our contact facilitators who supervise contact sessions. This time frame begins once we receive the completed referral form and the administration fee. This time frame may increase at any time depending on the demands on our service.

The ‘New referral instruction letter‘, FAQ Sheet, Cost Breakdown and Contact Process documents provide further details on the referral and contact process.

For further information on NYAS Family Contact Centres please email main@nyas.net or telephone 0151 649 8700.

“Thank you for your help. I realise that we are at an early stage and there is a long way to go before I can ever trust my children’s father but we’ve made a start. None of this would have been possible without your help and support.”
– Mrs Clark from Liverpool


“I feel it is very necessary to give feedback of my experience of NYAS in my current family law proceedings. I have felt very fortunate to have had this facility at the most stressful and anxious period of my life.  I would recommend NYAS to anyone who has the need of such a facility …. I have found the contact logs invaluable.  They have given me positive feedback which, for J’s sake, has reassured me. Legally these have enabled me to renew my unsupervised relationship with J and regain my legal 50% parental responsibility of her.”
– Mr J Jones from Liverpool


“I am separated from my partner and didn’t see my six year old son, Billy, for two years.  Every time I tried to see him he became very upset.  Then we got in touch with the NYAS Contact Centre.  Their contact facilitators spent time with Billy, allowing him to get to know the centre and the surroundings and building up his trust.  Billy’s mum was nervous about the process as she had seen him get distressed on other occasions.  My NYAS contact facilitator spent time working with he to help her understand how she could support her Billy with this process.

After four sessions I got to see Billy with my contact facilitator M.  The contact went really well and NYAS worked with us in more sessions, supporting me and Billy to get to know each other again.  After these sessions the Support Workers organised a family meeting, with me, his mother and the grandparents.  This gave us the chance to talk about future arrangements so that we can move away from the contact centre and work together for the best interests of Billy.  We are now working together as a family, having regular family meetings and I see Billy away from the contact centre now and pick Billy up from his mum’s home.”
– Mr R Patel from Wirral

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