Contact Services during lockdown

Below are two examples of families that have used Creative Contact on Skype, supervised by NYAS.

Creative Contact provides an accessible form of interaction and relationship building between children and relatives, where face to face contact is not possible.

For the purposes of privacy, all personal details in the case studies below have been anonymised.


Creative Contact on Skype helped the family transition to unsupervised contact

This involved two children aged between 5 and 10 having contact with their father .

NYAS responded promptly to minimise disruption to the children as far as practicably possible, and preparation for virtual contact sessions supervised on Skype began in the weeks after lockdown. Preparation was positive for all involved, and the children progressed to having supervised contact on Skype with their father.

The case went back to court after this and the family transitioned to unsupervised contact. The family now no longer require further support or intervention from NYAS Contact Services.