NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our partnership with AlphaBiolabs, the UK’s leading laboratory offering DNA, drug, alcohol, and health testing.

Since being chosen as one of AlphaBiolabs charity partners in 2021 as part of their Giving Back campaign, their ongoing commitment to NYAS has culminated in an extraordinary donation totalling £15,000. This partnership allows us to continue to deliver services that support and empower care experienced children and young people in vulnerable situations, ensuring that their thoughts, wishes and feelings are heard, and their rights respected. We are thrilled that AlphaBiolabs continues to support us through their campaign and would like to thank them for their continued support.

AlphaBiolabs carries out a wide range of Drug, alcohol and health testing for local authorities and organisations involved in family law and child welfare. As such, they are very aware of the daily challenges faced by children, families, and communities in vulnerable situations across the UK. They also recognise the tireless efforts of local, regional, and national charities in offering life-changing help and advice they offer to those affected by addiction, poverty or illness.

NYAS was chosen as a charity partner due to providing advocacy and legal representation to children and adults in vulnerable situations, empowering their voices to be heard when important decisions are being made about them. In light of this, AlphaBiolabs pledged to donate directly to NYAS for every legal DNA, drug or alcohol testing instruction received from local authorities and family law solicitors. Since the partnership began, AlphaBiolabs has now donated over £15,000 to NYAS, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference.


This kind donation has allowed NYAS to make a huge difference to the lives of the young people we support. Young people like Gordon*, who was just 18 when he suddenly left home, losing contact with his younger sister in the process. Gordon was unable to arrange communication via his family and was unable to see his sister. He was referred to NYAS as he required specialist representation, and with the help of the funding from AlphaBiolabs, NYAS was able to dedicate a family lawyer to his case and reconnect Gordon with his sister. Now 22, Gordon is taking on a skydive for NYAS to help other young people like him get the support they need.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with AlphaBiolabs as our two organisations are so closely linked in safeguarding children now and in the future.


*Name has been changed to protect identity.


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