January is the perfect time to fundraise for charity as people are often full of “New Year, New You” vibes and looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Here’s five ideas to help your 2020 get off to a flying start for NYAS.

Do something others don’t want to

While self-improvement is all well and good, some people will always prefer to pay others to do the jobs they don’t want to do themselves. That’s where you come in. Let it be known that you’ll wash cars, windows or kitchens in exchange for a donation to your online fundraising page. For a contribution to NYAS you could walk dogs in the rain, iron other people’s shirts or get the groceries.

Give something up

Be an even better person by turning your New Year’s resolutions into money for NYAS. Whatever you ban yourself from – booze, chocolate, your phone or your car – getting people to give for you going without is a fantastic way to raise funds. What’s more, the peer pressure means you’re more likely to stick to your resolutions rather than abandon them at the first temptation.

Cook something delicious

If you work in an office, then January is a great opportunity to turn good food into good deeds. Let everyone know that on a certain day of the week you’ll be running a lunch club where you’ll bring in delicious homemade food and sell it in aid of NYAS. As it’s the period of people attempting to redeem their waistlines after Christmas, best to opt for virtuous salads and soups rather than indulgent cakes – although everyone needs an occasional treat day.

Pass something on

The New Year is all about self-improvement, so if you – or someone you know – has a teachable talent then a class can make lots of money for NYAS. If you can secure a venue and offer classes in painting, pottery, baking… then your class is born. Simply ask people to donate to your online fundraising page to attend and watch everyone feel good about themselves.

Volunteer your time

Your time is one of the most precious things you can give. We are very grateful to our dedicated team of volunteers who continue to give their time every day to change young lives. No previous experience is necessary as fully training is provided. Whatever time you have to give, it will make a difference , so if you’d like to join us, please contact us via email volunteering@nyas.net and we can tell you about our exciting volunteering opportunities – we’d love to hear from you!