What is the Warwickshire Empowering Families Service?

The Empowering Families Service has been created by Warwickshire County Council in partnership with NYAS. The scheme matches parents in need of a helping hand with a local volunteer in Warwickshire who can support them and provide guidance.

Warwickshire’s Empowering Families Service focuses on supporting parents with limited positive support networks who have a child or children on the child in need or child protection databases. The support provided will be specific to each family, from helping parents to implement routine and structure at home to just lending a listening ear and a friendly smile,

What Does an Empowering Families Volunteer Do?

Our Warwickshire volunteers support parents for 1-2 hours on a weekly basis, where they empower parents to feel in control of their situation and gain the tools and knowledge necessary to improve their circumstances. Volunteers understand, encourage and support parents to address the difficulties and barriers within their family.

The types of support our volunteers offer include:

  • Support and advice managing family budgets.
  • Building relationships with the family.
  • Developing routines in the home such as mealtimes, hygiene, housework, healthy eating, self-care, assistance arranging appointments.
  • Signposting and supporting access to and/or attending services such as health visiting, family information services, children and family centres, local community groups and activities, parks, libraries (including access to broadband).

Why Volunteer in Warwickshire?

Volunteering in Warwickshire for the Empowering Families Service is a rewarding experience, and one that will make a real difference to the community.

Being a parent has never been easy. At times, it can be lonely, frustrating, and overwhelming, especially if you have limited or no other support networks in place. Our volunteers are there to ensure parents feel supported, and to help them create a safe and happy environment for their children.

“It is very helpful to have someone independent to talk to.” –  Empowering Families Parent

The aim of the Empowering Families Service is to prevent children from entering care or needing child protection plans, whilst simultaneously supporting the mental health of parents.

Sarah’s story

Single mother Sarah had been struggling with money and settling into a new town when she was referred to NYAS for support. Her flat was damp and draughty, she had few connections, and she was feeling low. As a result, Sarah was matched with Alison, an Empowering Families Volunteer, and with Alison’s help real progress has been made.

Together, they’ve been making improvements to Sarah’s damp and draughty flat, with Alison helping Sarah to put in a formal complaint with the housing association. They’ve also been getting out and about introducing Sarah to her local area and arranging days out for Sarah and her child to enjoy.

With Christmas approaching, Sarah was even more worried about money. Thankfully, NYAS have been able to put her worries to rest, providing a £50 donation towards her Christmas shopping.

Sarah is now looking forward to the future, and is hoping to return to work and further her education with Alison’s help.

What Support do Warwickshire Empowering Families Volunteers Get?

Volunteers are offered full training before commencing their role and will receive guidance from NYAS throughout their time volunteering.

Who Can Volunteer For The Warwickshire Empowering Families Service?

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. We simply ask that you are local to the area, and are aged 18 or over.

In terms of personal qualities, all we ask is that you are patient, trustworthy and able to keep the confidence of the parents you work with and maintain boundaries. It’s important that you’re openminded and not judgemental.

If you would like to make a difference and volunteer for the Warwickshire Empowering Families service, then click here.