The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) – a national children’s charity providing advocacy and legal representation to vulnerable children and young adults has received donations of £78,233 from Miton Group plc (Miton).

The funds have been donated as part of a three-year partnership which has resulted in Miton raising money to support the NYAS national helpline.

NYAS provides advocacy and legal representation to children and young people in care. The NYAS National Helpline lies at the heart of NYAS and provides advice and advocacy to vulnerable children and young people.

The three year partnership agreement commenced in 2014 and during this time, Miton hosted a series of fundraising events in the North West, London and from its head office in St Pauls to raise money for the charity, including an Opera Night, Christmas jumper day, staff sports events and many more.

Thanks to Miton’s support, in 2016 the Helpline was able to respond to 24,500 contacts from children, young people and care professionals who turned to NYAS for support. As a result of these contacts, NYAS opened 10,000 new cases helping young people across the country.

Rita Waters, CEO of NYAS said that Miton’s support has been nothing short of incredible and has  made a significant difference to the lives of thousands of vulnerable children.

Ms Waters said: “The calls we receive from children and young people can often be distressing. They cover a range of issues, all of which are vitally important to the caller. These might be being forced to move from their care placement, being bullied, wanting to see their siblings and extended family, being very unhappy at school and a whole range of other issues. A high percentage of the calls we manage relate to child protection issues, including child sexual exploitation.

“Thanks to Miton’s ongoing financial support, our charity has been able to help thousands more children and ensure they receive the support they need. NYAS advisors are not only well trained in children’s rights – but are skilled communicators and can interact with troubled and emotional callers – in many different languages. Miton really has made a significant difference to the lives of thousands of children in care across England and Wales and we are so grateful to them for their support.”

David Barron, CEO of Miton Group plc said the fact that NYAS supports so many children resonated with the company.

Mr Barron said: “Miton wanted to support an ambitious, growing charity that was making a real difference to people’s lives. Miton was immediately struck by the broad range of children and young people NYAS supports – from children as young as four right through to care leavers.

“The NYAS Helpline is often the first port of call for children when they are at their most distressed. As an organisation, we have been proud to have played a part in supporting children who are faced with very challenging circumstances.”

On contacting the Helpline, each child is provided with an advocate who will make contact with the child’s social services team. NYAS advocates talk to and support that child enabling them to understand their rights and ensure their voices are heard when decisions are being made about them.

Mr Barron added “We have been delighted to work with NYAS and spread word of the vital role it plays in society. We look forward to supporting the charity throughout 2017.”