When was the campaign launched?

We launched the campaign on 18th January 2022 calling on all local authorities across England and Wales to commit to improving the moving experience of children in their care and preventing the use of bin bags in the process.

We asked them to pledge that they would:


We are delighted that 37 local authorities across England and Wales made this pledge in 2022. See the list here.



How successful has the campaign been?

So far, the campaign has won two national awards which is a testament to the impact that ‘My Things Matter’  is making on the lives of children and young people.

Despite this, we look forward to the commitment of more local authorities in England and Wales to make sure children across the country are well supported during home moves.

What now?

We urge all local authorities to sign our pledge here. Upon signing the pledge, they will receive free pack away travel bags from our campaign partners Madlug.

We also encourage you to write to your local councillor using a template that we have made for you. Your contribution will play a huge role in making sure that children moving in care are treated with the respect they deserve. You can check here to see if your local authority has signed the pledge.

Once you have written to your councillor, please share your action across social media using #MyThingsMatter and encourage your social connections to do the same!

Feel free to contact us at policy@nyas.net if you would like to discuss the campaign in more detail. 


Next Steps