NYAS would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest trustee, Terry Galloway. Co-founder of the national comparison website Care Leaver Offer, Terry actively campaigns for better transitions for young people leaving the care system, working with local authorities to help develop their local offers.

Why has Terry Galloway decided to become a NYAS Trustee?

Terry’s ambition to improve the system for other care leavers stems from his own experience. He had a tough time growing up, living in over 100 places, and then leaving care without the support that was needed for him and his family.

He made a pact with his sister Hazel, who was murdered by her boyfriend, that they would change the care system so others would not suffer.

As a businessman with 15 years of experience in marketing and 15 years in motor retail, Terry Galloway set up an estate agency, and later co-founded a housing association to focus on care leavers, support and employment. There is a shortage of affordable and sustainable accommodation. He uses his extensive knowledge in these areas to improve the support for young people leaving care.

Terry says, “I’ve got an engine on fire inside that drives me to create systemic change. I’ve suffered and so have my family. It’s time for change. The care experience is intergenerational, the cycle repeats.”

Continuing to Make a Difference

He is working on a National Care Leaver jobs program and has been working hard to demonstrate to the business world how much care leavers have to offer. He believes that the relationships care leavers build in the workplace can help them become more interdependent and therefore less vulnerable.

Terry also founded the #TheBigConvoy, which brings communities together to show that we care by providing days out. Prior to COVID-19 he worked with every Local Authority in the East Midlands to take over 728 children in care and care leavers to Alton Towers. He is now planning another #TheBigConvoy.

You can find Terry on Twitter at @terrygalloway.

We area absolutely thrilled to have Terry Galloway join the NYAS team. You can learn more about our amazing trustees here.