Here at NYAS, we’ve launched a new fund to support young people aged 16-25 who have left local authority care in England or Wales.

Open to young people who have previously received support from NYAS, it is our hope that the Knapman Fund will go a long way towards enhancing the future life chances of children leaving care.

A staggering 40% of care-leavers are not in employment, education or training, yet children in care are expected to live independently from as young as 16. Often these children don’t have access to the same financial and family support systems as many others their age.

This is why we’ve created the Knapman Fund in memory of Trisha Knapman. Our first employee in 1985, she continued to work for NYAS for 35 years, during which time she made a key contribution to our development. Trisha passionately supported the work of NYAS until she passed away in 2021.

The fund provides grants of up to £500 for young care-leavers. The grant will allow care-leavers to put money towards initiatives or goods that will enable them to access education, find employment, or support their independence.

Trisha’s family said, “Trisha would be delighted that a legacy in her name has been established to support the young people that she cared for throughout her career in helping them make a significant step out of supported living as they move on with their lives as young adults. As a mothering gift towards useful items and development to further individuals, this fund epitomises Trisha’s caring nature.”

Whilst not intended to replace grants, funding or any other types of financial support and services available to care leavers from statutory or voluntary organisations, we hope the Knapman Fund will help to fill a gap in support for care-leavers. If you are a young care-leaver already receiving financial support, you are still eligible for the fund if you find yourself with less money than you need.

Rita Waters, Group CEO of NYAS said, “NYAS believes that every young person who leaves care should have the same ‘life chances’ as their peers who are supported and living with their birth parents. This is why we’ve created the Knapman Fund in memory of Trisha Knapman, to provide funds to applicants where such provision is likely to contribute to individuals’ continued personal development and improve their quality of life in ways which are important to them.”

The Knapman Fund is now open for applications. For further information and to make an application, click here.