NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) has submitted evidence to the United Nations (UN) Committee on children’s rights across England and Wales. The civil society report is the first important step in reviewing how your rights are being respected as a child or young person.

What is the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child?

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is made up of people who work all over the world to make sure your rights as a child or young person are being respected by governments.

You have 54 rights. These are a list of things that people need to live a safe, healthy and happy life. Every child or young person you know has these rights. Adults need to respect every one of your rights when they make decisions and plan things for you.

How did NYAS share what we think needs to change with the UN?

NYAS has written to our friends over at CRAE (Children’s Rights Alliance for England) and at Children in Wales. In our letters to both organisations, we shared what we think the UN Committee should ask the UK and Welsh Governments to do for children and young people in England and Wales so they are safe, healthy and happy.

CRAE and Children in Wales will include what NYAS wrote in a bigger report. CRAE's report will contain what other children’s rights charities think should change for children and young people in England, and Children in Wales’ report will include the same for children in Wales.

Ben, who is in charge of campaigning for children’s rights at NYAS, also visited a CRAE  event to share our thoughts. He spoke about what needs to change for children and young people in England alongside other children’s rights experts. During his speech, Ben spoke about a variety of topics, including working together to keep children safe where they live and how to protect children who have to leave their homes for their safety to come to the UK.

What did NYAS ask UK and Welsh Governments to do to protect children in care?

At NYAS, we work to protect the rights of children in care, as well as those of young people and adults who have left care.

NYAS is worried that some children in care are not as safe as they should be. This is because they are living in places called “semi-independent” and “independent” accommodation. When they live in this type of home, they do not receive care from responsible adults.

We also asked the UN Committee to tell the UK Government that young people who leave care need more support with money. Young people who leave care are not given enough money or support to live, which makes it difficult for them to live happy, successful lives. 

NYAS Cymru asked Welsh Government to make the number of children who go into care because they live in poverty, smaller. We also think adults in positions of power should take more responsibility for making sure that young people who have lived in care receive a good level of education. We believe that the UN Committee should pass a law to make this happen.

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