3 hours - Completed at once during the live webinar


£75+VAT (NYAS staff and self-employed contractor discounts apply)

Understanding when and when not to undertake non-instructed advocacy is an integral part of an advocate’s professional development. When communication becomes difficult or impossible, it is important to bear in mind that those children and young people have the same rights as any other.

This course is recommended for practitioners wishing to develop their understanding of non-instructed advocacy.

Non-Instructed Advocacy Explained

Typically an advocate will be able to listen to the child or young person that they're working with to determine how they're feeling and what their wishes and feelings are. Sometimes though, a child or young person may not be able to give a clear indication of what they're feeling, or what they want to happen in a certain situation. In this instance, non-instructred advocacy can be used to ensure the child or young person's rights are being upheld, and that decisions are made in line with their preferences and perspective.

Course Content

Upon completion of this training, learners will:

  • Understand the purpose of non-instructed advocacy, recognising when it may or may not be appropriate
  • Know how to prepare for a referral that may relate to non-instructed advocacy, including how to ascertain consent even when communication is difficult
  • Be familiar with four common approaches used in non-instructed advocacy, and how these can be used in combination to provide a holistic approach – with a specific focus on the Watching Brief approach
  • Have begun to develop their own toolbox of practical resources to support children and young people who may struggle to communicate

This non-instructed advocacy training will be delivered via a live, interactive webinar. The training session will be delivered by a member of our highly experienced training team. 

NYAS is a leading, national rights based charity who deliver a range of services, including advocacy, to children across England and Wales. We have practical experience within this training area, and your learning will be supported by our expert guidance and a supporting handbook.

You can find all available training dates below - new dates are added regularly so keep an eye on this page for any updates if the dates below don't work for you. If you're looking to discuss bespoke training dates, please email and our team will be happy to help.

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