The Impact When You Donate to Our Charity


Allows our helpline to answer a call from a young person in need.


Funds a special day out for a young person and their volunteer


Supports an advocate to help a child or young person.


Gives a child a tablet to stay in touch with family, friends and for school work.

Why we need your donation

Across England and Wales, there are over 88,000 children in care. 

Every child needs the same things to thrive: a stable home, strong support network and steady, loving relationships. However, many care experienced children and young people don’t get the right support. This often leads to feelings of isolation and exclusion. 

  • 25% of the UK’s homeless population have spent time in care. 
  • 1 in 4 young people face a mental health crisis after leaving care. 
  • 33% of children in care will move home at least once this year. 
  • Children in care are 4 times more likely to suffer with their mental health than their peers.
  • 30% of 18-year-old care leavers in England are not in education, employment, or training.

Every service that NYAS offers aims to tackle one of these issues. When you make a donation to our charity, you’re helping children to access positive relationships with adults. You’re allowing young care leavers to access the mentors and guidance they need to live independently.

Donating to our charity helps us to continue in our mission of supporting, safeguarding and empowering care experienced children and young people, and vulnerable adults.

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