What is The Rights Idea?

The Rights Idea is a NYAS project in partnership with Exeter University and the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC). The prokect highlights and explains the rights of children when their parents decide to separate.

It follows the separation journeys of two families. Through both infographics and videos, the project explores young people’s rights to information, consultation and (where needed) representation when their parents separate.

Funded by the Welsh Government, this project follows the experience of a young boy as he meets with a mediator. This professional helped his parents to make difficult decisions following their separation.

The Rights Idea also details the experience of his neighbours; Chloe, Jack and Rosie whose parents settled any issues in court. This example highlights the use and benefits of a contact centre as a stepping stone for contact between children and their parents after a tricky separation occurs.

The Rights Idea Infographic

The Children’s Act 1989 and the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child provide a framework for decision-making which respects the rights of children to be consulted (should they wish to be) when decisions are made about their lives following parental separation. 

These are fundamental rights, yet few children in England or Wales are consulted. You can see The Rights Idea infographic in English to the right, but the infographic is also available to download in both English and Welsh.

The Rights Idea Resources

As well as the inforgraphic above, The Rights Idea offers a selection of resources that can be used to support the delivery of the project. Below, you'll find videos, presentations and infographics - these resources are available in a mixture of English and Welsh. 

The Rights Idea Video (English)

Check out this video on The Rights Idea: (English


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan #1 (Welsh)

Lesson Plan #2 (Welsh)

Hawl I Siarad (Welsh)

Check out this video on The Rights Idea (Welsh)

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