What is an Independent Monitoring Visit?

An Independent Monitoring Visit takes place once a month inside Residential Children's Homes. An independent inspector comes to visit the home to check if it is a safe place for children and young people to live. This person does not work for the government, police or social services. 

This visit is in line with Regulation 44 in the The Children's Homes (England) Regulations 2015. When the inspector visits, they want to make sure that where you live is safe, and provides a healthy, happy environment for you to thrive in.

They will also make sure that your wishes and feelings are being listened to and that there are meetings happening within the home for you to have your say.

Will the Inspectors Speak to Me?

During these visits the independent person will talk to lots of young people and staff members within your home.

They will write down everything they have heard and use this to write a report. This report will then be sent to Ofsted and senior managers of the home. 

The independent visitors are there to help and support you. You won’t get into trouble for speaking with them and you can tell them what you like and dislike about your home.

What Will Happen Before an Independent Monitoring (Regulation 44) Visit?

Before the visit, the independent inspector (their official name is an Independent Visitor) will send you their photograph and some brief information about themselves. This means that you will know something about them before they visit.

They will find out how you would prefer to talk to them and if you need any support to do that. They will usually let you know when they will visit but they can sometimes just turn up at short notice.

What Happens During an Independent Monitoring (Regulation 44) Visit?

The Independent Visitor will let you know why they are visiting the home: to make sure you are safe, you are being looked after and you are being listened to. First, they will take time to get to know you by chatting about whatever interests you.

You can choose where the conversation takes place. This might be the living room, garden, kitchen or even outside doing an activity. They will listen to what you say about living in the home, but you might also talk about things you like to do, places you like to go and if you get to choose what you eat. They will not rush you and you can say what you want to say in your own time.

If you would prefer, a friend or support worker can sit with you while you chat. You can also choose to write or draw about your feelings. You can stop talking when you want to, even if you just feel tired.

What Happens After an Independent Monitoring (Regulation 44) Visit?

You can contact the Independent Visitor by phone, text message or an email, if you forgot to say something during their visit. You can also do this if you would prefer not to give feedback in person. The visitor will leave their contact information with the staff so that you can get in touch with them if you want to. 

The independent inspector will then use all of the information they have collected during their visit to write a report about your home. This will be passed to Ofsted and your home's managers so they can see what they do well, and where they need to make improvements.

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