What is a Care Plan for Children?

Your care plan is written specifically for you. It is an important written document which explains what needs to happen whilst you've living in care to keep you safe and happy. 

In this document, all of the important decisions about your life are listed and explained. Your care plan should also include: 

  • Who is caring for you
  • Where you live
  • How you are cared for
  • Information about your health
  • Details about your education
  • Information about seeing your family and friends
  • How to respect your culture

Having a care plan is your legal right, so you're allowed to ask your social worker questions about it. It's important that you understand your rights and entitlements so that you know you're being cared for correctly.

If you feel like you're not receiving the level of care you deserve, a NYAS advocate can help you to speak up. They can help you to be more involved with your care plan, and can also support you to make a formal complaint if this is something you want to do.

Can My Care Plan Be Updated?

Your care plan will change as things in your life change. This document will stick with you during your time in care, so as you grow up, more information will be added.

It is your care plan, so it’s important that you tell your social worker what matters to you so that it is written in the plan. This could include hobbies you like, wanting to see your family, or whether practicing a religion is an important part of your life.

Your social worker and other adults will talk with you to find out what you need so that your care plan truly reflects who you are and what you need. You and your family will be involved in these discussions and will have the chance to say what decisions you want to be made in your life. All of this should be recorded in your care plan.

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