The upcoming General Election on July 4th 2024 is a crucial moment for care-experienced children and young people across the United Kingdom. As political parties share their visions for the future, it is essential to understand how they plan to support some of our most vulnerable individuals, making sure they have the support and opportunities needed to thrive. 

At NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service), we are committed to making sure you have the information you need to make your voices heard. That's why we have put together a clear, unbiased breakdown of what each party's manifesto says about care-experienced children and young people. We're not here to sway your opinion; we’re simply sharing the facts so you can view what each political party has committed.

Why does this matter? Because the promises made during this election can shape the quality of care, support and opportunities available to these young people. NYAS will always be on the side of the child, but your awareness and engagement can make a real difference - helping to build a future where every care-experienced child and young person can thrive.

Explore the boxes below to see what each party has promised, as it relates to care-experienced children and young people. For further information, please view each parties manifesto in full by following the links within. Together, let's make sure the next UK Government put children and young people first. 

NYAS' Calls for Change

On May 29th, NYAS was proud to publish our Election Manifesto which outlines four key objectives that are critical to advancing children’s rights and building a future where every care-experienced child and young person can thrive. We call on the next UK Government to: 

  • Protect and advance the rights of all children and young people.
  • Reform children’s social care to make sure every child is supported, safeguarded, and empowered.
  • Put children and young people at the heart of government, making sure their voices are heard and their interests represented.
  • Meaningfully engage with children and young people when important decisions are are being made that affect their lives.

View Our Manifesto