It means a lot that you are considering leaving a gift to NYAS in your will.

Why leave a gift in your will to NYAS?

So many of us are lucky that our lives are full of moments of friendship, love and kindness. We have people to listen to us, support us and celebrate special moments with us.

A gift in your will could ensure that the next generations of young people are filled with moments like this too.

Our advocates, independent visitors and volunteers listen to what children and young people want, care about what they say and empower them to get their voice heard. We work to help them build good support networks, be involved in decisions made about them, and build great lives for themselves. We campaign and lobby on their behalf, influencing governments to ensure that young people’s rights are upheld.

Leaving a gift in your will helps to provide long-term support for our work and future generations of young people. It will allow us to support care-experienced young mums, care leavers, and young people struggling with their mental health, and help us to always be on the side of the child.

A legacy is a powerful gift. As the world changes, your gift will allow us to remain steadfast in our commitment to children and young people’s rights.

Click here to download your guide to leaving a gift in your will.

Here is the essential information you will need to include NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) in your will:

Charity’s Full Name: The National Youth Advocacy Service

Address: Unit 1-3, Tower House, 1 Tower Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1FF.

Registered charity number: 1012485

We understand that writing your will is a private matter, and we treat all enquiries with respect and confidence. If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss leaving a gift in your Will, please email fundraising@nyas.net or call 0151 649 8700

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