Your Marathon, Your Way

Could you go the distance for children in care and cover 26.2 miles over the course of October?

Whether you’re an avid runner looking to push your limits or lacing up your trainers for the first time in a while, our ‘Your Marathon, Your Way’ challenge is perfect for runners of all abilities who want to support children in care across England & Wales.

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You could do it all in one day, crossing the finish line on 3rd October alongside the runners of the London Marathon, or break it up into shorter runs, doing a little each day and building up your fitness until reach your goal.

You’ll get a NYAS training t-shirt, plus lots of support from the fundraising team throughout the month including motivational emails and social media shout-outs!

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Challenge FAQs

I’m new to running, can I take part in this challenge?
Absolutely! This is a great challenge for those new to running as you can take it at your own pace and run distances that suit your fitness levels until you reach the target. You’ll also have the support of our team to keep you motivated throughout the month!
I’m an experienced runner, can I run the miles in one session?
Definitely! This challenge can be tailored to fit your personal fitness levels, you could run it all in one go, in two half marathons, or with a mix of distances until you reach the target. If you’d like to increase the difficulty you could make it an ultra-marathon!

If you’re planning to do some long distance runs take extra care planning your route. Walk or drive the route before you run it to check for any potential hazards and think about how you can reduce them, for example if you need to cross a busy road, make sure your route takes you to the pedestrian crossing. Have friends or family meet you at check points along your route to top up your water and motivation and make sure you’re your safe.

How can I track my miles?
We recommend using Strava app to track your runs, (downloadable from most app stores). You can link this to your JustGiving page so you can share your running stats with your supporters after each run. To find out how to do this click here!
What should my fundraising target be?
We recommend setting a minimum target of £150, however if you plan to increase your miles or run the distance in one session you may want to increase this to better suit the challenge you’ve set yourself!
How should I collect my sponsorship?
We recommend using a Just Giving page, as these can be linked to Strava so you can easily keep your supporters updated as your run your miles. For help setting up a Just Giving Page please click here.

You could also collect sponsorship on Facebook. To do this go to the menu on the app, scroll down (you might need to press ‘see more’), choose ‘Fundraisers’ and follow their step by step guide!

We also have sponsorship forms available (great for sticking to the office fridge and collecting donations), to download one please click here. When you are finished collecting your donations, let our fundraising team know and we will share details of how to pay these in.

Can I run this challenge in a different month?
Of course! We’re so grateful to have your support and will be here to support you whenever you choose to run. Just choose your month and let our fundraising team know so we can support you throughout your challenge.

Still have questions? You can email the team at fundraising@nyas.net or call us on 0151 649 8700.