All of NYAS’ Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA) are specialist advocates who are trained to understand the needs of the patients.  Our inpatient services provide an additional safeguard for patients who are subject to the Mental Health Act or who are admitted to inpatient mental health settings.


Did you know?

Over 900 children and young people were supported by our inpatient mental health advocacy services  during 2015 /2016. The young people NYAS support are placed in various settings including secure forensic wards, eating disorder units, medium secure units and generic mental health wards.

Sophie’s Story

“I was eleven years old when I went into hospital. I felt very alone there and didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do. Every time there was a knock on my bedroom door on the ward I got anxious about who was going to come in and what they were going to do. I talked to the NYAS advocate who came on the ward and she suggested to the ward manager that when staff knocked on my door they should say their name before coming in. The ward manager agreed this was a very good idea and said he would ask staff to say their name when they knocked on the doors of all young people in the ward. Now I am beginning to feel a bit more relaxed about being in hospital and I feel as if I will be listened to.”

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