Independent Visitors

The NYAS Independent Visitor (IV) programme matches children and young people with an independent visitor. The children and young people involved in the programme will be particularly vulnerable. They might be living in an area a long way from home or they may not have contact with any family members.


Did You Know

NYAS recruits volunteers from all backgrounds who give their time to this programme. NYAS asks that each volunteer spends time with their young person on a monthly basis and gives a minimum commitment of two years to the programme. Quite often the volunteers are the only people within the lives of these children and young people who are not paid to spend time with them. The programme creates very meaningful relationships and has a very positive impact on both the lives of the child or young person and the volunteer.

Katie’s Story

“I am Katie’s IV. Katie is a 15 year old and she lives in a children’s home after a number of foster care placements have broken down.

Katie has special educational needs and it was suggested an IV would be good for her as she lacks confidence and struggles to make friends. Katie has no contact with her family.

Thanks to the grant towards positive activities for children and young people in care I have been able to involve Katie in some new activities, and she has had lots of fun.

Katie was interested in obstacle courses and liked to watch others on them but had never had the confidence to take part.

So I took her to a local Active Adventures centre and with encouragement from me she went on the high ropes, zip wire and maze. She really enjoyed herself and had a big beam on her face for the whole day. She was really proud of herself and still tells people about what she did that day.”

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Do you want to make a difference to a young person’s life? NYAS is looking for reliable and dependable people from all walks of life across England and Wales to volunteer as an independent visitor.

If you would like to find out more about the programme please download the IV application
form HERE or email

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