Legal Services

NYAS provides independent representation to children who are involved in private law proceedings. NYAS operates its own legal team which includes a Panel Member solicitor and a Family Law Panel member.


NYAS Helps:

  • Children whose parents have separated and are fighting about who the children should live with.
  • Children and young people in care who are not happy in their placement.
  • Children and young people in care who aren’t seeing their siblings.
  • Care experienced mothers whose local authority is threatening to take their own children away.

  Family Contact Centre

NYAS recognises that every child has the right to keep in regular contact with both parents if this is in their best interests. Through our network of Family Contact Centres, we have continually sought to work with families and uphold the rights of the child by providing a safe and supportive environment for contact to take place. NYAS provides Family Contact Centres in Birkenhead and Liverpool to allow parents who are separated from their children to rebuild their relationship as a family.