Services in Wales

NYAS is one of the leading advocacy providers in Wales.

The charity has been instrumental in working with Welsh Government in designing and implementing a national advocacy approach for Wales.

This work ensures consistency and equality of access to statutory advocacy provision for children and young people.

NYAS provides independent advocacy to children and young people in care across Wales. NYAS also delivers the Independent Visiting service across Wales to ensure children and young people are matched with a volunteer who provides a befriending service to children in care when they are at their most vulnerable. The charity also operates a number of family first services across Wales. The charity provides advocacy in a number of mental health settings for children, young people and adults to ensure their rights are upheld.


Young People and Participation

NYAS is committed to upholding the rights of children and young people and the involvement of children and young people within NYAS is critical to its success. NYAS delivers peer advocacy and peer mentoring for care experienced young people.  NYAS also operates local participation groups with young people to ensure their voices are heard and they can help influence policy and shape legislation.


Influencing Policy and Legislation

NYAS is committed to ensuring it influences the political agenda in Wales to ensure children’s rights are upheld and improved upon. NYAS’ Director for Wales represents NYAS on Cafcass Cymru’s advisory board for Wales. NYAS is also represented on Welsh Government committees to drive better outcomes for looked after children and ensures NYAS campaigns, lobbies and influences to improve the lives of the children and young people we work with.

Working in Partnership

We work with key partners across Wales to meet our aims and objectives. Some of these are listed below:


main@nyas.net for more information.

Families First in Wales

NYAS run services throughout Wales to ensure advocacy representation is provided for children, young people and parent/s who have been identified with emerging needs. NYAS ensures the voice of children and young people are heard within decision making processes where the voice and views of children are part of planning for support services. We work with Local Authorities to ensure there is a team around the family approach to provide intervention to help families thrive, feel empowered and are actively involved in community citizenship.

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