NYAS Cymru provide Independent Visiting Services within Cardiff, Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen.

The volunteers, known as Independent Visitors, build helpful and positive relationships with children and young people who are in care with little or no contact with friends and family.

An Independent Visitor (IV) is a volunteer who does not work or have formal connections with social services, and is there to visit, advise and befriend a child or young person who is looked after, and is living away from home. IVs endeavour to become and remain a consistent adult in the child’s life who doesn’t change when placements or social workers change and will at all times stay child focussed.

The role of the IV demands consistency and reliability in order that children can build a trusting, positive relationship with them over time. The child will have the opportunity to try new activities, and spend time with their IV, away from their placement.

In Wales, NYAS have been instrumental in developing national Guidelines and standards which means children and young people who are care experienced understand their right to have an IV to visit, befriend and advise them – if they want one – and understand how to get one.

For more information about the standards and guidelines read English version or Welsh version

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