Return Interviews

NYAS undertake return interviews with young people who have run away from care or who have gone missing from their family home.


Return Interviews are undertaken to:

  • Establish why a child has run away and to try and address these issues.
  • Identify if any harm came to the child or young person whilst they were missing.
  • Prevent any further harm to the child or young person.
  • Help them to stay safe.

Residential Home Manager

“I just wanted to express that the service you provide is essential in ensuring that young people have an independent person to talk to when they have gone missing from care, so the young people are able to voice their wishes and feelings. Not all the authorities offer this service. It is of great benefit to the young people, and us as professionals, because if our young people are having a problem they know they can speak to NYAS. Your work is beneficial and you have demonstrated that you are really proactive when it comes to advocating on behalf of the young people.”

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