NYAS doesn’t just give a voice to children and young people, we also provide City and Guilds and National Open College Network training to social care professionals to ensure the quality of care delivered across the UK is of the highest standard. The training we can provide covers equality, diversity and inclusion, information security and training for legal practitioners.


Our training is delivered across a number of platforms including:

Face to face training

Our face to face training offers excellent opportunities for learners to network and discuss issues with other professionals, with participant engagement and focus through interactive learning.

Our accredited, experienced training team can adapt our courses to meet the needs of the individual learner. Our trainers deliver our face to face sessions in a number of ways, using a range of learning methods including case studies, presentations, group work, provision of information and from time to time, skills practice. Our face to face training includes accredited and non-accredited courses.

Bitesize workshops

NYAS offers a number of bitesize workshops and shorter training sessions which have been designed to fit conveniently into a normal working day.  Our bitesize sessions can be offered through different platforms including full face to face training, small group sessions or through our webinar platform; delivery methods include group discussions, case studies and provision of information.  We can adapt our sessions to meet the needs of learners on request.

Live webinars

Our live webinars sessions are web based, can be delivered to smaller or larger groups and are delivered in real time by accredited trainers.  The sessions are designed to be informative and interactive, allowing for different learning styles.  Learners participate and engage with the trainer and each other through group discussions, case studies and quizzes in chatrooms or via their microphones.  Sessions can be adapted in content and delivery style to meet the needs of learners on request.  Joining information will be sent when learners sign up to the course.


The e-webinar sessions we offer are similar to our live webinars, but are pre-recorded sessions.  They have been developed to offer more flexibility in the delivery of some of our sessions but they normally have shorter running times.  Learners are able to engage with our e-webinar sessions through provision of information, self-reflective exercises, quizzes and case studies.  As with our live webinars, further joining information will be sent ahead of the training.

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