Accredited Training

We offer several accredited training routes at different levels, to suit the needs of professionals at different stages of their careers.

Accredited courses are regulated by independent awarding bodies, and result in recognisable qualifications. They entail a mixture of instructor-led learning and independent study, incorporating both online and offline activities – and may take several weeks to complete.

The courses are practice-based, which means that learners should already have some experience of the relevant role, and should have an opportunity to carry out and reflect upon that role as part of the training process.


Why train with NYAS?

All of our accredited courses are:


Our accredited courses result in nationally recognised qualifications, providing formal recognition of your knowledge and skills. We currently offer qualifications accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) and City & Guilds.


The courses are written and delivered by our experienced Learning and Development team, and are informed both by current legislation and guidance and the advocacy work that we carry out as a children’s rights charity. All sessions are designed to convey the essential knowledge of the topic in a clear and concise way; and learners are given the opportunity to apply this knowledge to practical case studies and to share their ideas with other professionals.


We offer a comprehensive support package that includes one-to-one coaching from our tutor-assessors, and group support webinars. All courses are also accompanied by supporting resources for further independent study.


Currently Available

Advocating on Behalf of Children and Young People (Level 3)
  • Duration: 60 guided learning hours / completion in four weeks
  • Price: £650 +VAT

Course Content

This is a level 3 qualification, aimed at practitioners who have recently been recruited into an advocacy role, as well as those professionals who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the role of the independent advocate. The course covers the core roles, principles, processes and challenges within independent advocacy, placing these within their legal context.

This training meets the requirement for accredited training for independent advocates in England.

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Advocacy (Level 2)
  • Duration: 24 guided learning hours / completion in three to six weeks
  • Price: Please email training@nyas.net for a quote

Course Content

This is an introductory level 2 qualification, aimed at individuals who wish to become volunteer peer advocates. As part of the course, learners will be introduced to the principles and processes that underpin peer advocacy; the potential barriers that individuals may face in trying to access peer support, and how to overcome these; as well as the importance of confidentiality and boundaries within peer advocacy, and how to recognise when other forms of support may be more appropriate.

This course is offered as a bespoke package, and can be adapted and tailored for different groups, including both adults and young people.

Please email the NYAS Learning and Development team at training@nyas.net to find out more.

If you are interested in bespoke training for your organisation, please contact the NYAS Learning and Development team at training@nyas.net to discuss your requirements.