NYAS social media pages provide an opportunity for you to engage with us, access information about the services and support we offer and discover ways you can support our work. 

Our Social Media House Rules below apply to all of the social media platforms we use, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  

We encourage you to follow us on these platforms and connect with us to keep up with the latest NYAS updates and information. 

If you need urgent support, please do not contact us via social media. Instead, you should contact our NYAS Helpline. 

We want our social media platforms to provide a safe space where you can share your thoughts, opinions and engage in conversation about the services and support we offer at NYAS. 

Using Our Platforms 

NYAS encourages everyone to engage and contribute to our social media pages by leaving comments, opinions and images.  

All comments, messages, wall posts, replies and tweets are monitored by our in-house team because we want our social media pages to be a safe and helpful place for the children, young people and adults that we support.  

NYAS wants to ensure that information shared on our page by members of the public does not put them, or anyone else, at risk. You can help us to create a safe, informative space by observing the following rules when you leave a comment or message us: 

  • Only post information you are happy for everyone to see. Once you share a comment/tweet, you lose control of who can view or keep that information. With this in mind, it’s important to think before you post. 
  • Keep any comments or messages on topic. 
  • Be kind – you can be critical or challenging in a respectful manner. 
  • Don’t incite hatred toward other users (We respect that people have a varying range of opinions, but on our platforms, these differences will not be an excuse for hostility or degrading comments toward others). 
  • Don’t share personal, identifying information (e.g. address, phone number etc). 
  • Don’t include links to websites with viruses, or anything else that could damage someone’s computer or digital software. 
  • Don’t spam the NYAS social media pages. 
  • Don’t spread information if you are not 100% sure of its accuracy. 
  • Follow the social media platform’s Terms of Use. 

Protecting Our Users 

There may be times when we need to hide or delete comments, posts or other forms of engagement to keep you or someone else safe. Posts that we will hide or delete include: 

  • Comments about abuse – past, present or risks of abuse in the future. 
  • Comments of a threatening nature. 
  • Comments that share sensitive information from conversations taking place within our support services, including our NYAS Helpline. 
  • Comments detailing personal information about you or other people, including contact details. 
  • Comments sharing the experiences of children and young people without their consent 
  • Comments that could be libel or defamatory (e.g. an accusation is made against a named person). 
  • Comments that are abusive towards our charity and our staff. 
  • Comments using offensive, indecent or obscene language (this includes swearing and hate speech. Hate speech refers to language that mentions nationality, race, or religion in a negative way or is racist, homophobic, biphobic, sexist, ableist, disablist, classist and transphobic content). 
  • Comments/images that violate the privacy of our staff/volunteers. 
  • Comments encouraging illegal activity (e.g. breach of copyright, defamation, contempt of court, perverting the course of justice). 
  • Comments repeatedly tagging NYAS in a hostile manner or repeating the same message. 
  • Comments from individuals pretending to be someone else. 

If we find that comments or posts breach the rules of the social media platform or any of our rules listed above, we reserve the right to remove them. Users who repeatedly ignore and break these rules may be banned from accessing our social media pages. 

Social Media Platform Moderation 

Our channels are monitored year-round, with active moderation taking place 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. Our channels are not moderated during weekends, evenings or bank holidays.  

Our social media team cannot provide professional advice via comments or social media messages. If you’re looking to access professional services and support for either yourself or another individual, contact the NYAS Helpline.  

We reserve the right to update and change the NYAS Social Media House Rules at any point without notice and at our discretion. If you have any questions about our House Rules or are concerned that someone is using our pages inappropriately, you can email 

We hope you enjoy using our social media services to access information and support from NYAS. 


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