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Whether you want to walk, run, swim or fly, our charity challenges blend fun, memories and raising money to support NYAS’ mission and vision. 

NYAS regularly organises different fundraising challenges for you to take part in throughout the year. You can find our current and upcoming charity challenges below, but if you have your own fundraising challenge in mind, just get in touch and we’ll help you make it a reality.

Dive with Sharks for Children in Care

Do you have what it takes to take a dip with one of Europe’s largest collections of sharks?

Are you brave enough to come face to face with Zebra Shark, Black Tip Shark, Nurse Shark and the 10.5 foot long, 350lbs Sand Tiger Shark?  Take the plunge with a charity shark dive, and help us raise vital funds that will provide a helping hand to children in care.

The NYAS sponsored shark dive is an experience you will never forget! All of the details about our latest shark dive will be available here. If you want to be the first to hear about our charity shark dives, sign up here or email

Your Marathon, Your Way

This fundraising challenge is all about moving your body and improving your fitness. 

Designed to last for the duration of one month, this charity challenge tasks you with running or walking over 26 miles. You can choose to spread this over the full month, or you can adapt the programme however works best for you. 

Our NYAS Charity Run Fundraising Pack is full of advice for this charity challenge. It can help you set your fundraising target, organise your sponsorships, and outlines the physical benefits of running for charity too. 

You can sign up, or request more information, by emailing

Back of male wheelchair user on a mountain
Girl running on a road

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If you have any questions related to fundraising for NYAS, or you're looking for more information, our friendly Fundraising Team are here to help.

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