What is a Secure Children's Home?

A secure children’s home is accommodation where children can be sent to live if a court finds they are at risk of harming others or themselves. This accommodation provides a safe, secure and therapeutic environment for vulnerable young people. As children’s freedoms are restricted in secure children’s homes for welfare, this type of accommodation should only be used as a last resort.

It is not often known where children are placed, and what life is like for those living in a secure children’s home. NYAS’ research  series shines a spotlight on this under-researched area.

NYAS' Research Reports

March 2023: “Inspection Ratings”

NYAS’ third report on secure children’s homes for welfare examines Ofsted inspection ratings of secure children’s homes to improve understanding of what life in secure accommodation is really like for children.

This report is available to read in both English and Welsh.

March 2022: “The Enduring Scandal”

NYAS’ second report on secure children’s homes for welfare sheds light on cases where the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court is used to authorise the deprivation of liberty of children and young people. The report highlights several key judgments that demonstrate the need for more places to be funded for children in need of a secure home for their welfare.

This report is available to read in both English and Welsh.

December 2021: 141 Miles From Home

NYAS’ initial report provides a snapshot of the context surrounding secure children’s home across England and Wales. This report also identifies and analyses the demographics of young people living in this accommodation.

This report is available to read in both English and Welsh.

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