This is My Home Research Series 

In England and Wales, over 90,000 children and young people are currently living in care. Each of these children and young people will have their own unique experiences of care, and no two experiences of care will ever be the same.

The ‘This is My Home’ series spotlights the experiences of children and young people who have grown up in different types of care by providing an opportunity for their voices to be heard and make recommendations on how the UK and Welsh Government can improve the care system. The series will focus on kinship care, foster care, residential care, and adoption.

The series does not aim to find which type of care is the ‘best’. At NYAS we do not believe there is a ‘best’ or ‘worst’ type of care. What matters most is finding the home which is best for each child.  

“Don’t Forget About Me”, Growing up in Kinship Care

The first report in NYAS’ ‘This is My Home’ series focuses on the experiences of children and young people who have grown up in kinship care. Kinship care is a type of care where children live with a family member or friends instead of living in foster placements or residential care homes.

You can read the report in English and Welsh.

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