Encouraging Government Collaboration

NYAS’ Across the Border research series launched in 2020. Across every report in this series, there is one overarching objective – to encourage both the UK and Welsh governments to learn from each other. This specifically relates to policy, practice and laws across England and Wales which affect and impact care-experienced young people. 

Government collaboration is urgently required to uphold the rights  of care-experienced children and young people. This series draws upon NYAS’ work across the different national systems of both countries. We are fortunate enough to have a host of services  and projects running across England and Wales  which inform this research series.

Each report examines a single theme in detail, comparing the policies and practices which are already in place across England and Wales. These reports also advocate for the rights of care-experienced young people and for the best possible support to be available to them, no matter where they live.

Across the Border Reports

‘Across the Border’ is a bi-annual series, releasing a report twice a year, usually in the Summer and Winter seasons. You can find the current instalments for this research below. Please read our reports, share them widely, and use them to help encourage government collaboration and improve the system in your country. 

Across the Border: Child Poverty in England and Wales

NYAS’ latest Across the Border report looks at what is in place to tackle child poverty across England and Wales, and how much more needs to be done to end the scandal of child poverty in the UK.

You can read the report in English and Welsh.

The Right Friend: Independent Visitors (Summer 2022)

‘The Right Friend: Independent Visitors' examines the benefits of Independent Visitors (IV) for care experienced children and young people.

This report calls to extend the legal entitlement for IVs to age 25, and compares the current service provision across England and Wales. You can read this report in English or Welsh.

Support for Care Leavers (Winter 2021)

‘Support for Care Leavers in England and Wales’ examines the support offered to children and young people who have left the care system, or are in the process of leaving. 

This report compares the different support options offered to care leavers, alongside the definition of a care leaver in regards to policies and laws across England and Wales. You can read this report in English or Welsh.

Advocacy in Action (Summer 2021)

‘Advocacy in Action’ examines the access that children and young people have to advocacy services across England and Wales.

In this report, you’ll find a comparison of similarities and differences across the two countries. We also explore how each country’s system can be better improved by considering advocacy approaches across the border. 

This report is available to read in English or Welsh.

Missing Children: Missed Opportunities (Winter 2020)

‘Missing Children: Missed Opportunities’ examines the topic of missing children across England and Wales. 

This report compares efforts to protect, safeguard and support children who have gone missing in England and Wales. Given our experience, this report focuses specifically on how these efforts impact care-experienced children and young people, and how government collaboration could lead to further improvements. You can read this report in English or Welsh.

Tackling Youth Homelessness (Summer 2020)

‘Tackling Youth Homelessness in England and Wales’ examines the troubling issue of youth homelessness. 

25% of homeless people have been in care, so this report focuses on the impact of youth homelessness for care-experienced young people, the support they are offered across England and Wales, and how this can be best improved. You can read this report in English or Welsh.

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