Our Strategy: Four Clear Aims

At the moment, NYAS’ 2021-2024 Strategic Plan outlines four clear aims that should be achieved
by the end of the period.
You can explore each aim of our strategy in detail below. 

Aim #1: Champion Rights

We will always listen to, and speak up for young people. We will empower them to ensure their rights, views, wishes and feelings are represented, heard and supported. 

To achieve this, NYAS will focus on achieving the following key actions before 2024: 

  • Increase awareness of young people’s rights and entitlements. We will also promote our core services to complement this.
  • Provide accessible platforms and projects that will allow us to build positive relationships with young people. These platforms should also enhance our support offering for children, young people and adults.
  • Ensure that all measures are taken to safeguard the young people we work with. This includes their physical health and mental wellbeing.

Aim #2: Influence Change

We will inspire care experienced young people to work with us during our campaign efforts. In partnership with young people, we will campaign to influence decision makers in order to bring about positive change. We want young people to help shape the laws and services on which they depend. 

To achieve this, NYAS will focus on achieving the following key actions before 2024: 

  • Identify, research and campaign on relevant issues to bring about positive outcomes and systematic change.
  • Increase NYAS’ reputation as a lead organisation by evidencing our expertise and evaluating our impact.
  • Build positive relationships with young people so that they can actively contribute to shaping policy. 

Aim #3: Work Collaboratively

We will forge strong, effective partnership with commissioners, funders and other service providers. To ensure that we deliver the highest quality service possible, we will also empower our dedicated workforce to succeed together by realising their full potential. 

To achieve this, NYAS will focus on achieving the following key actions before 2024: 

  • Ensure the highest quality of service delivery in all contractual and grant arrangements.
  • Throughout all of our work, we will ensure that the needs of the young person or adult is always the top priority.
  • Become an employer of choice and attract, engage and retain high quality staff, volunteers and contractors

Aim #4: Inspire Trust

We will make best use of all our resources and strengthen our processes and services. To achieve this, we will be investing in new technology, prioritising efficiency and focusing on financial sustainability.

To achieve this, NYAS will focus on achieving the following key actions before 2024: 

  • Resource and manage financial growth, expenditure, liquidity and reserves.
  • Deliver value through innovative solutions, efficient service delivery, increased productivity, and optimised systems.
  • Comply with regulatory, statutory and legal obligations to demonstrate governance and transparency.

If you’re keen to support our mission and believe you could help us propel our strategy forward,
consider joining the NYAS team as a member of staff, or in a voluntary position.

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If you have further questions about our charity strategy or NYAS' service offering, get in touch with our team and they'll be happy to help.

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