We’re continually working to raise awareness of the plight of children in care and care leavers and on Sunday 11th November we were given a fantastic opportunity to learn and network as we heard Lemn Sissay talk to Jenni Fagan about her life in the care system at Chester Storyhouse.

Jenni is a writer, poet and care leaver and her story is both incredible and moving. She had had two failed adoptions and had been moved 37 times by the age of 16. She has never met anyone that is related to her. She spent 18 years in the care system.

10,000 children leave care annually – many without the fully support they need, even though they are ALL our children. We have a duty to protect, support and care for them so they have the same life opportunities as children and young people not in the care system.

If you’d like to support our work and help us to keep changing young lives for the better, either by volunteering or fundraising, we would like to hear from you please contact volunteering@nyas.net

CAPTION: NYAS’ Chief Executive Rita Waters pictured with Lemn Sissay.