Are you a care leaver in Wales? You might be eligible for the brand-new basic income scheme from the Welsh government.

Every 18-year-old leaving care in Wales will be offered £1,600 a month for two years as part of this pilot scheme. This basic income is unconditional, meaning if you get a job, you won’t be taken off the scheme.

At the moment, this financial payment plan is a pilot scheme, meaning its longevity has not been confirmed. This scheme has been designed to assess the impact that a basic income can have on the quality of life and opportunities for young people as they leave care. There is a particular interest in the impact of this scheme for young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Care leavers across both Wales and England face a multitude of barriers as they advance into adulthood. This financial scheme hopes to provide additional support to care leaver in Wales as they develop into independent adults finding their own path in life.

There’s no scheduled launch date yet, but officials have mentioned Summer 2022 as a potential date – keep your eyes on the NYAS website for the latest updates.

What is a basic income?

A basic income is a government provided scheme which ensures that everybody within the specified group received a set amount of money on a regular basis. As noted above, basic income is not means tested, which means that it is granted regardless of employment status.

Basic income payments are minimum amounts of money which should meet the basic needs of the people who receive it.

What will this mean for care leavers in Wales?

17-year-old Milly Floyd, who represents NYAS in the Welsh Youth Parliament, believes this “safety net” will allow care leavers to be level with other young people their age.

She said, “Many have been damaged, physical and mentally – this can help pay for private counselling or therapy as often public waiting lists for these services are so long.”

NYAS Cymru CEO Sharon Lovell has also welcomed this new scheme, saying, “This is a major win for care leavers in Wales! At NYAS Cymru we will ensure care leavers are informed of their new rights.”

So, if you have questions about this scheme, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 0808 808 1001, or email

You can learn more about this new scheme for care leavers here.