Milly Floyd Evans is a care-experienced 17-year old who is currently representing NYAS on the Welsh Youth Parliament until 2023. Having been involved in various projects with NYAS, Milly is now keen to use her voice to make a difference to the lives of many other care-experienced children and young people across Wales. 

Meet Milly

You can hear from Milly below as she discusses why she’s passionate about advocating for the rights of care-experienced young people across Wales. She also shares the issues that she feels strongly about, and hopes to change during her work with the Welsh Youth Parliament.

You can find the transcript for Molly’s video here.

Bright Sparks

Milly also mentions that she is currently a member of the Bright Sparks participation group.

To ensure that care experienced young people can shape policy and services in Wales, NYAS Cymru manages Bright Sparks, the Cardiff Participation Group for care experienced children and young people